WB represents the next generation of weighbridge software, providing features which solve the problems experienced for years in weighbridge goods receiving and dispatch – fraud and theft, slow and error prone paper-based processes, no integration into backend systems, outdated technology, lack of management tools etc.

WBx weighbridge software is tailored specifically to the needs of South African logistics, manufacturing and mining industries and can be customised to your specific requirements. This automated weighbridge control system comes in 3 editions – from a simple stand alone solution to multi-site, multi-organisational integration. It is also the only Weighbridge software in South Africa which operates offline and online, ensuring business continuity even when the network is down!

WBx is designed to cater for multiple business processes that converge at the weighbridge. This includes the weighing in and out of transactions relating to:

  • Road deliveries
  • Rail deliveries
  • Waste management
  • Inter-site transfers
  • Container drop-offs
  • Free weighing

Benefits of WBx Weighbridge Software

Reduced Fraud

Auditable transactions plus integration into security systems for rapid retrieval of video records leads to reduced fraud and theft.

Always On

Your operations never stop working as sophisticated synchronisation software enables you to work even when the network is down.

Faster Turnaround

Cleverly designed user interfaces and data capture methods, lead to dramatically reduced turnaround time of trucks in the yard and across the weighbridge.

Accurate Reporting

One touch recording of transaction data leads to a reduction in data capture errors and accurate reporting.

Eliminate Delays

Integration with other systems reduces typing errors, removes data capture delays and speeds up collection of debtors.

Easy To Use

Simple screen navigation, user prompts and clear instructions gives you software that’s easy and intuitive for your operators to use.

Cost Savings

From a 75% reduction in paper based activities, improved stock control and electronic communication between supplier and buyer.

Central View

Better management through central oversight of all operations, and supervisory control over all transaction exceptions.

Ongoing Support

The software is powered and supported by Dariel Solutions, an enterprise level software development company, with over 100 consultants and developers.

If you want to experience the proven benefits that WBx delivers, then contact us today!